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A quick hour and a half jaunt from Accra will get you this beach town of Ada. A hub for city dwellers looking for a weekend getaway as it is the easiest escape from the hectic metropolis that Accra can be.

5 Things to Do in Ada

Fresh Seafood
There is no reason you should travel to any coastal town and not indulge in fresh “chicken of the sea.” Tuna, lobster, tilapia and shrimp is rife and for a fraction of the price you’ll find in the city

Jet Ski’s
This is for all you brave Michael Phelps stars out there. My swimming prowess is very limited so Jet ski’s intimidate me. However, if you were a mermaid in your former life or you mum encouraged swimming lessons as a child then you should definitely take a moment and experience the euphoria of exploring the beautiful Ada Foah coastal range on jet ski’s. You can rent them from quite a few of the local hotels including Aqua Safari Resort

Explore History
Ada has a complex yet rich history that is usually under explored. From the Dutch using Ada as a major trading post for goods (and slaves), to the graves of missionaries from Europe who couldn’t survive the tropical climate, to the Presbyterian church that was built by the first generation of Ghanaian christians Ada is more than a seaside getaway

Boat Ride
Get a spectacular guided tour of Ada by boat (motorized or for a truly authentic experience catch a canoe with the locals). There are many small Islands in Ada that have their own mythicism and aura. One actually houses crocodiles and is aptly named “Crocodile Island.” TIP: Try and go an hour before sunset so you can catch the beautiful colours as the day comes to an end

And why wouldn’t you? Miles and miles of sand, coast and clear water. Grab a bathing suit, blanket and a good book and just bask. Ultimately this is Ada’s greatest gift to its visitors

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