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Located in the heart of the city Tea Baa is a real throw back to corner cafe’s that you would find in any cosmopolitan city. They offer, comfort food, homey spaces and a retreat for our hectic lives. This is the epitome of Tea Baa

Owner Dedo Azu is the perfect host and walking into their quaint eco­friendly hub is like bumping into you long lost cousin at a family reunion. Her warmth combined with the cadence of the atmosphere makes it my favorite “chill spot” in the city.

Tables and chairs made from recycled wood (shipping pallets) and exotic iced tea cocktails are a perfect combination of “conscious glam.” Add the playlist which most times consists of classics like Marvin Gaye down to Erykah Badu, Tea Baa consistently delivers on an authentic soulful experience.

Stop by to do some work, drink up, eat good or just for a hearty laugh with Dedo if ever you’re in Accra.

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