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I love Accra. This is a fact. However, like any city sometimes the hustle, traffic and crowds can drive you to the brink of a mental health breakdown. Combine power outages (Dumsor) to that and it can take quite a few “woosahs” to not lose it on a daily basis. Enter the weekend “Staycation.”

Villa Monticello is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the heart of one of Accra’s most glitzy neighbourhoods (Airport Residential). For me it’s my go to space for business meetings, a quick bite with a friend or some much needed “treat yourself” moments. It’s quaint, modern and truly feels like you’re walking into a family members home. It’s also been the backdrop to quite a few “An African City” scenes.

Themed Rooms
Each room has a great theme and name that corresponds with the decor of the room. Room names such as Kwame Nkrumah, Marrakech and Aqua Verdi reflect the eclectic and innovative feel of Villa Monticello.

I stayed in “Ecclectic Soho” and the room reflected everything I would expect an apartment in Soho, NY to look and feel like; from the brick walls to high loft-like ceilings.

Pool Side Glamour
The perfect size for such a cute hotel. The truth is I can’t swim (I can wade though-That counts for something) but it’s always soothing for me to be close to a body of water-even if it’s in the middle of a concrete jungle like Accra.

The Service
From the gate attendants to the the front desk staff everyone at this hotel is a customer service slayer. This is a big deal. Customer service can fall short in a lot places but Villa Monticello exceeded all my expectations.

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