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What's your name?


Who do YOU say you are?

ISHE! I represent the name my mother gave me to the fullest! In Shona Zimbabwe “ISHE” means “Supreme Creator” & that embodies the essence of who I am.

Where are you from?

I am a Woman of African descent! Born in America, yet rooted in the richness of my illustrious African ancestry.

Where do you live?

San Diego Southern California, United States

Three words that describe the city where you live

Mexico. Pretty. Clean.

What is your favorite place in your city and why?

Meditation Gardens Encinitas It’s one of the most stunning, serene & tranquil places in all of San Diego! Surrounded by exotic flowers, vibrant greenery, pretty little water falls & coy fish ponds in hidden places, with a gorgeous panoramic view that overlooks the ocean! It’s a magical place, reminding me that I have infinite possibilities! It’s also free of charge from opening until closing! Reminding me that no one should have to pay a fee to bask in God’s glory!

What are you most passionate about?

Music. Uplifting & inspiring through my music!

What do you do for a living?

I am a Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Co-Producer. My EP “Who Is SHE” is a Soulful Acoustic Album that is currently available & streaming here I am also the Author of a Children’s Book entitled “Sol The Super Hairo” It’s a story celebrating the glory of natural hair for kids! Available on Amazon

What do you love about your field of work?

I LOVE everything that I do! I feel free! Everything that I do to make a living, I would also do for free because that’s how fulfilling it is! I feel fulfilled because I am living my purpose & using my God given gifts to co-create & design a life that is tailor made for me! I feel blessed to be able to create Music that uplifts & inspires & people to LOVE more!

What motivates you and makes you get out of bed in the morning?

I got sh!t to do Lol! I am a Woman with a purpose! A Woman on a mission! Waking up is my motivation! I’m like “Thank you God, Let’s Get It!” Lol!

What are your greatest fears?

Not being able to fulfill all of the things that God put me here on earth to do! I have so many dreams, & so many things that I want to manifest in this life & I just pray that I have enough time to see it all come into fruition!

What is your favorite city you've visited in Africa and why?

I’ll be visiting Africa for the 1st time in October!

What city in Africa would you love to visit in the future?


Tell us your 5 "must have" items when you travel?


Rose Water, Aloe, Herbs, Organic Sanitizing Wipes and Music

What is one quote that you live by?

"Life is an Art & you are the Artist"

Who do you think a "Girl Going Places" is?

She is free! She knows that moving freely through the world is her birthright! She loves adventure! She loves to explore the wonders of the world! She loves life, & she lives her life to the fullest!

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